Born in Poland in time to see the iron curtain go down, I have since lived in the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, and for the past six years in the UK. I studied English literature in Poland and in the USA. A storyteller at heart, I wrote my first “book” at the age of eight. It was supposed to be the first one in a series – alas, the sequels never happened.


When I got serious about writing, I tried my hand at fiction, enthusiastically committing two novels and several short stories before deciding to move on to film scripts.


Writing for the screen is a great pleasure, but seeing the films made is even better. And so I decided to branch out yet again and turned a few of my short scripts into movies, which I directed. A fantastic experience that taught me lots. 

My films were well received: they screened at many festivals and brought me several nominations and awards. The next move was into the world of feature films – but this is where the fun stopped. I spent five years working on consecutive projects which collapsed because of one random thing or another.


That was when I decided to return to fiction. Screenwriting has taught me about story structure, but now I could enjoy weaving the tale without having to worry about budgets or production feasibility. The experience was amazing. I could just create. Ah!



I haven't closed the door on filmmaking. But until a suitable project comes along, I'm busy polishing the current novel and outlining the next...


Stay tuned!

I am represented for my fiction by John Jarrold.


       I dwell in Possibility

       A fairer House than Prose

       More numerous of Windows 

       Superior – for Doors –


       Of Chambers as the Cedars

       Impregnable of eye –

       And for an everlasting Roof

       The Gambrels of the Sky –


       Of Visitors – the fairest –

       For Occupation – This –

       The spreading wide my narrow Hands

       To gather Paradise –


        Emily Dickinson

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