TOURIST TRAP -- flash published in Nature Futures.





SHIPS MADE OF GUNS published by Daily Science Fiction.

REFRACTIONS -- work in progress

After the almost-apocalypse of climate change followed by world-wide pandemic, the world settles into a new cold war between fundamentalist Christian America and China, the new superpower.


A Canadian immigrant in a Chinese enclave in Kenya, Nathalie Hart is trying to escape--her crimes, her grief and her guilt for the events that killed her family. A skilled orbital pilot, she enlists in an international mission to investigate the demise of the first human colony in another solar system.


But when a sabotage kills the captain and the crew descends into accusations and conspiracies, she must find a way to bring them together to discover a secret that threatens everyone back on Earth. 

ORION'S SHADOWS -- recently completed


Humanity is losing a war of survival against an alien civilization.


A soldier and a scientist set out on a mission to rescue a captured refugee ship. Stranded behind enemy lines, they make a discovery that can change the course of the war.



ORION'S SHADOWS is a far future space opera abot two people discovering thier humanity inside a collapsing world.

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